International Council on Large Electric System

CIGRE International Council on Large Electric System is a reputable International association in France which was founded in 1921. It is a non-profit body designed to enhance the electric power systems of the present and future generation. The quest for maximized power systems salutes to provision of selective and exclusive knowledge along with collaboration to improve power system. In addition, it is also focused on working with the most updated equipment while posing high respect to the environment.

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In summary, the objective of International Council on large Electric Systems is to come up with the most efficient power system for the society regardless of demands and challenges.   They aim to achieve this mission by organizing events such as seminar and conferences regarding electrical energy.   Being an event organizer, CIGRE has been the most viable function hall for different purposes such as business seminars, trade shows, conferences and exhibitions. Furthermore they have highly competent teams that   provide complete selection of services ranging from market analysis to professional management.

As such, the International Council on Large Electric Systems serves as the venue for participants regarding electrical energy. Furthermore, researchers, regulators, consultants and solution providers find their home in International Council on large Electric Systems for unity. With main objective to acquaint people with the most ideal power stems, the hubs of CIGRE are partially focused on different aspects which comprise organizations, environmental, technical and regulatory aspects of electrical energy. All of these consenters come along with realistic planning and management of power systems. Additionally, protocols also include construction, design, maintenance of heavy duty plants and equipment. The association is also crafted to resolve issues regarding protection of the power system, telecommunication, telecontrol information systems and many more.

So, who are behind the CIGRE International Council on large Electric Systems? CIGRE is composed of members from numerous countries, eighty countries to be exact. With this number comes the icon of excellence which is the product of brilliant diverse thinking. Meanwhile these members are categorized into two- the Individual members and the Collective member. The Individual members comprise the research, teaching and the engineering team   along with other specializations in the industry such as economists, lawyers and many more. The collective members on the other hand, are the private and public companies including commercial personalities, scientific groups, educational and administrative bodies.

CIGRE International Council on Large Electric systems focus on a two –fold strategies. Firsts is the conduct of meetings and seminars in which important   papers are carefully produced and assessed. Second is the publication of approved papers. The Permanent Study Committees do the honor of dealing with the technical aspects as well as the publication of the reports.

The most notable event of the International Council on Large Electric Systems is the Biennial Session which was conducted in Paris. This event collects great number of participants from all over the world. Actually there are 2500 delegates who attended on the said event. It has also paved the way to the production of almost four hundred tapers which covers all the forte of CIGRE. Meanwhile, the next session was realized on 2008.

While the Biennial Session is conducted every even numbered year, symposia take place on odd years in various countries. Compared with Biennial session, Symposia are usually attended by fewer number of participates while the events only cover limited CIGRE Topics. Aside from country level, there are also meeting conducted in regional level. Within the International Council on Large Electric Systems, there are 16 Study Committees who are currently tackling the technical subject of CIGRE. They work along with the Task Forces and the Working Group with the coordination of the technical group. With their mission to arrive to a distinct point in energy maintenance, there are more than one thousand international experts that collaborate with each other. Meanwhile there are about fifty reports being issued annually.

The defining nerve of the PACWorld readers is the SB C which covers Protection and Automation. As such the SC B5 has dual mission.   It expedites the system   of the international exchange of knowledge specifically in terms of automation and protection. It also integrates value to delivered information by adhering on the underlying recommendations and the comprehensive methodologies. Moreover the SC B5 also concentrates on applications, designs, principles and asset management of metering plants and equipment, system protection measures, automation and control and the remote control system.

Meanwhile SC B5 has paid great attention to different aspects such as economical and organizational subjects. It also collaborates with staff educator and trainers. As such, it is centered on the application of the digital breakthroughs on how it can improve the life of people prior to the need for power systems. Plus it also comes with comprehensive systems for both hardware and software application for real data communication and execution of the commands.

The CIGRE SC B5 event is designed with general session with other participants   from related other events in Paris. With this, coverage of its publication include on how to use the IE in the field of automation and protection. It also features the engineering tool surveys which are intended on relaying protection measures. Along with the said contents,   the publications also include on-line management for the remote system, introduction to the IEC61850 along with its implication on control and protection.   It also showcases the upcoming SC publications of the CIGER International Council on large electric Systems. Furthermore, evaluations guides are also included to streamline issues on the previous events and publications and to further develop every means for international organizers to come up with the most viable way of bringing efficient power systems to everyone all over the world- the mission of CIGRE International Council on Large Electric System.

As a conclusion, the CIGRE International Council on larger Electric system has been the meeting palace for people who are bound with the single objective of promoting effective power systems not only in the midst of the present generation but along with the challenges of the future. The society indeed owes a lot from them.